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Metaverse started as a concept in 1992 with Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel Snow Crash, followed by the first metaverse game The Sandbox, created by Animoca Brands in 2012. Then came Roblox in 2013, Axie in 2019, Decentraland in 2020, and finally Facebook’s rebranding to META in 2021. This was our inspiration, to create the unique Leadership Event “theMEWS” in Monaco. Now the future is in Monaco: Entertainment, Content, Business & Technology converge into a “Trillion Dollar” Metaverse Industry, estimated by JP Morgan in 2022. Technology progress creates opportunities for different content, and monetization through Web3, including NFTs & Metaverse worlds, and consumers move from 2D into 3D worlds, showcased during theMEWS in Monaco.

“The MEWS annual metaverse summit unites business, technology and entertainment in the tradition of our family, and welcomes the Top 100 companies who are looking for true web3 innovation, the “United Nations of Web 3”. Steven Saltzman

The MEWS Awards Monaco is the only global showcase celebrating the innovators, creators and recognizing thought leaders that are imagining and building the future worlds and experiences across the Metaverse, under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco.